From 1 to Sara, how done are you? 

scrapbookforsara asked: Beautiful Girl is one of those songs that can change your life just by listening to it. There are days where I let my mental illness get the best of me, to the point where I can't even stand to be looked at, but listening to this song calms me down. It doesn't take the thoughts away but it allows me to relate to someone who I admire so deeply and honestly. It makes me realize that I am not my weight, appearance, or my scars, I am so much more and if Sara can learn to love herself, why can't I?

This is so amazing.  That’s another thing about this song that makes it so special.  When Sara is talking about beauty, she doesn’t fully mean appearances; she focuses on the thoughts of the person.  She brings up what she knows all of us are thinking, that we aren’t good enough, that we want to change something about ourselves to be like the other girl/guy.  So, when she brings up these things its like wow, she really does know what we are going through, so we can trust her, I am beautiful.  I’ve said this in almost every response, but beauty is a concept.  all it is is an opinion, or a certain view on life.  You know when you were like 5 and you hated chicken caesar wraps or something. and then as you grew and changed and experienced other parts of life and other foods, you found that you actually loved chicken caesar wraps.  Its kind of a silly way of pointing it out, but they are the same thing.  Chicken caesar wraps always stayed the same, but your view on them is what changed.  You have always been beautiful, its just takes longer to figure out that you are when you don’t see it right away.


So for the scrapbook, I’m going to ask each one of you to message me about which Sara song has helped you the most and why. I always love hearing the different ways her songs have helped someone and I think she’ll be happy to hear about it as well! 

message her message her message her

aliruna asked: When I first started to listen to Beautiful Girl, I could barely make it through without crying. There are many songs about loving yourself, but I think it's Sara's simplicity with the song that really strikes a chord. She's literally saying, "It's ok, I've been there." She's just so reassuring. She helped me believe in myself, which I haven't done in a very long time. I have a chronic incurable disease, but I still feel beautiful (most days). That's what she taught me, and I'll never forget it.

I know, something in the way that Beautiful girl is composed just makes you appreciate the music, but you can really focus on the lyrics, and thats what is truly important.  That’s another thing that I love about the song that you pointed out, Sara is saying that she’s been there, she knows that feeling that come along with the thoughts that you aren’t beautiful.  and obviously, Sara is very beautiful so its get you to think how could she ever think that about herself, she’s beautiful.  but then again, so is everyone who thinks that they aren’t beautiful.  But is an opinion, a state of mind.  This song has helped so many people and I just love hearing the stories.

Anonymous asked: Hi, it's the depressed anon and I just wanted to say thank you and that things have been looking up for me recently :) also I wanted to let you know that my girlfriend gets similar white spots on her back and shoulders and that they are one of my favorite things about her because they are so unique. So if you are ever doubting how beautiful you are, remember that you are gorgeous and special and that there are people out there who will love you for it

I’m so so so happy that things are getting better for you. And I want you to know if you ever fall into that pit of depression again that you are great. You’ll get out of it like you got out of the last one, because you are strong and can do it. And about the spots, thank you for your kind words. You made me cry it was so nice. I used to more insecure about them, and more recently too. But I know there are worse things. Thank you so much. You are too kind. You are my favorite :)

Anonymous asked: How has Beautiful Girl helped you?

Beautiful Girl has helped through a lot of rough stuff.  The song got me through hard patches of me thinking that I wasn’t good enough, or pretty enough, or skinny enough.  But, what the song helped me through the most was getting over my skin.  I have something called Vitiligo.  Vitiligo, is a skin condition where your cells attack the pigment so you are left with white spots, where there is absolutely no pigment.  In my case, I have them all over my body.  I have white spots on my face, on my hands, my elbows, my knees, my stomach, ankles, thighs, basically anywhere you can imagine.  It used to be really hard for me.  I used to wonder why I didn’t really look like any of the other girls, they didn’t have white spots, so why did I? People would ask what was wrong with me, or ask if I was contagious.  It all really got to my head, I would think who would really think I was good enough, if my skin didn’t even think it was good enough to be complete. So that was a big self image thing that I sometimes still have to struggle with.  But that song was a major point that made me think, you know what?? I am good enough.  who cares if I have these spots? who cares if people ask me about them? its something that makes me me and it is something that makes me unique.  Beautiful Girl really convinced me that yes, I am beautiful.  Everyone is beautiful.  If you think something, you believe in something.  When I started to open my mind to what the real idea of what beauty was, my whole world changed.  Thank you for this song, the song that changed my whole view on what being truly beautiful is.

story2tell asked: Beautiful Girl has helped with my self-confidence. It's helped me realize that I /am/ beautiful, just maybe not in the way that society traditionally defines it. Beautiful comes in many sizes, shapes, and forms. While society has it's definition of beauty, there are also SO many other perspectives of what beauty is. Beautiful girl has helped me learn to just be myself. The people you want in your life are those who see the beauty in who you really are.

yes.  I love this.  I love every word of what you just said.  I think about this a lot. ya know, if every one person thought that there was only one kind of beautiful, then there would be millions of people walking around that walk, talk, and act the same.  what makes the world special is everyone’s diversity. brown eyes are beautiful; blue eyes are beautiful. freckles are beautiful; dark skin is beautiful. long hair is beautiful; being bald is beautiful.  beauty is what the mind perceives.  if you like a certain thing or look a certain way and someone thinks that you shouldnt do that, well then they better get over it, because you are fine just the way that you are.  I love your view on this, you are 100% right, in my opinion.  Believe in your beauty.

Anonymous asked: When I was in the worst of my depression around November of last year, I would drive around for hours at night hoping that a car would just hit me or something. One of these nights I was listening to the blessed unrest for the first time and that song came on. I started listening to it and I stopped the car, sobbed, and went home. It's a song that is so sweet and helps calm me down and let me have some faith in myself. It's what I listen to when I'm down and I can't thank Sara enough for it

I really hope that you are feeling better now.  No one should have to go through those terrible thoughts and feelings and emotions of pure sadness.  But, I’m so happy that the song and Sara could help you get through that.  Idk what it iss about that sound, but it can tear you down and then bring you up 50x higher.  I just love the message, because its true, everyone is beautiful in their own ways and I find that, well, beautiful  hahaha.  Just keep listening to that song, motivate yourself, don’t let yourself fall into that hole again.  you are great, you are beautiful, you can make it.

I wanna start a beautiful girl project.  Beautiful Girl is one of my all time favorite songs, because of the message, the sound, the feelings, and emotions that come with it.  If you feel like it, message me about the ways that this song has affected you or helped you.



hey hey lets just have like a sleep over and talk about stuff and Sara or whatever you want, that’d be cool

I will bring Between the Lines and the Brave Enough DvD’s.

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Anonymous asked: If that's the plan I'm coming over!! I'll bring popcorn and a fuzzy blanket.

yaaass  we’ll make a whole night of it. if you got the popcorn than I’ll bring the icecream


hey hey lets just have like a sleep over and talk about stuff and Sara or whatever you want, that’d be cool

is no one going to talk to me about Sara and stuff? oh thats cool too

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